How To Reheat Domino’s Pizza (Best Way To Do It)

We all have come to that situation at least once in our life when we want to reheat Domino’s pizza but you know there are best ways out there to reheat your leftover Domino’s pizza so that even after reheating you can enjoy that crispiness.

Have you got some leftover Domino’s pizza from last night? While their cold pizza is mouth-wateringly good, sometimes having it warm in a way that melts in your mouth takes it to a whole other level of deliciousness. 

The best method that you can use to reheat Domino’s pizza is most definitely by using an oven. Another way is by using a microwave or by heating it directly on the pan as well. All these methods will give you the desired flavor if you do it the right way.

Are you wondering how you can reheat your Domino’s pizza and still enjoy it much as you would if it was freshly served? Read on to find out all the steps, tricks, and tips.

Method 1: Heating Your Pizza in The Oven 

Reheat Domino's Pizza

You may not be surprised to hear this, but heating your leftover Domino’s pizza in the oven is actually the best way to have your pizza heated in the best way possible. 

And why am I saying that? well because when you heat Domino’s pizza in the oven, it heats the pizza evenly and it will remain crispy so that you can enjoy all the crispiness of the vegetable toppings along with the crust of the pizza.

And the coolest part? You can adjust your temperature requirements in the oven, unlike the pan or stove where you are completely dependent on the equipment to heat your beloved pizza.

So without wasting any further time, let’s quickly see how to reheat Domino’s pizza in the oven the correct way.

Below are the steps that you should follow to reheat your Domino’s pizza in the oven: 

Step 1: The very first step to have a perfectly well-heated pizza is to preheat your oven to around 180 Fahrenheit. You need to remember to keep the heat turned down so that it doesn’t leave the pizza all dry or charred.

Step 2: Now that your oven is all heated and set for your pizza, carry your Domino’s pizza to it and place it in there. Don’t forget to wear gloves for protection! 

Step 3: Now here’s a little secret to get the best-reheated pizza – you can place it in the middle and center of the tray so that the heat evenly spreads throughout the whole pizza. 

Step 4: Set the timer for about four to five minutes and let your pizza reheat! Keep the pizza in the oven till you see the lovely cheesy bubbles forming on your pizza.

Step 5: I suggest you keep checking the pizza according to the level of heat, I don’t want you to overheat it, so it’s better to check a few times and once you are satisfied with the heating, you can take out your Domino’s pizza.

Another way you can reheat your Domino’s pizza to save the crust’s crispiness is by following the steps elaborated down here:

Step 1: Take your pizza out of the Domino’s pizza box and place it on a sheet covered with aluminum foil all around it. 

Step 2: Now, set your tray aside and head over to your oven. So now you need to preheat your oven just how it was explained in the previous method. But here you can take the temperature up to 220 Fahrenheit. 

Step 3: Okay, so far so good? Now you can let it preheat in peace and till then make sure your pizza is placed at the center of the tray that you are using. 

Step 4: So once your oven bings with the end of preheat, with your gloves on, carefully take your pizza tray and place it right at the middle. This is the most recommended place to get the crispness of your pizza.

Step 5: Let your pizza heat in the oven for around ten to fifteen minutes till the pizza is at the level of crispiness that you wish to feel while chewing on it. 

Remember that although this is a slow way to reheat your pizza, it is also a safe way to do so. Make sure that you are wearing your gloves while handling the tray and the pizza. Once the pizza is all heated up, go on and enjoy the crispy crust!

Method 2: Heating Your Pizza In The Microwave 

Reheat Domino's Pizza

Microwave is another popular method to reheat your leftover Domino’s Pizza. But this one is not really the best one because in this method you will end up making your Pizza crust super soggy.

But if you don’t have an oven in your kitchen, this method can work. And below I have shared how to reheat Domino’s pizza in the microwave in such a way that it remains crispy.

So here we have a cool and simple trick that you can use while reheating your pizza in the microwave. 

Step 1: While it is not necessary that you preheat the microwave before reheating your pizza, this is actually part of our cool and simple trick. Preheat your microwave while keeping a glass of water in there too. 

Step 2: I don’t need to mention that but you need to make sure that the glass you are using while following this method is microwave friendly. Do this for about fifteen seconds and at the highest possible power set in the microwave. 

Step 3: Then you can remove the glass and take your pizza to place it in the middle of your microwave and do not forget to change the power to medium rate. We do not want a burnt pizza!

Step 4: Start your microwave and let it reheat the pizza for another thirty seconds. Once that is done, check if there are any spots that were missed out while reheating it, because unlike in the oven, a microwave does not reheat the food evenly. 

Step 5: If there were some missed out spots, heat it for another fifteen seconds and remove it carefully. Now you can wait for a minute or two and enjoy your yummy pizza! 

In case you totally forgot to put the glass of water in the microwave while preheating, don’t sweat it! You can still get the crust to be as warm and crispy as you would like it to be by putting the glass while heating it in the microwave. 

It will literally give you the same results and you can enjoy your pizza to the fullest!

Method 3: Heating Your Pizza On A Pan 

Reheat Domino's Pizza

Now for any reason, if you don’t have a microwave or oven but you still want to reheat Domino’s pizza in the best possible way then I am sharing the pan method to reheat your pizza.

And believe me, this method works like a charm, and the best thing is this method is fairly easier than both of the above-discussed methods.

Step 1: Get your pan and set it on the stove as the first step. Any pan will do, though a nonstick one is preferable. Additionally, pick a pan that can hold the pizza; if you only need one or two slices, any size will suffice.

Step 2: Considering that your pan is now prepared and sitting on the stove, ignite it and let it to heat for a few minutes over a low flame. 

Step 3: Now we all want the warmest and cheesiest pizza ever, don’t we? So take your pizza out of the box and place it right at the middle of the pan where it sits directly at the top of the most heated part of the pan. 

Step 4: So here’s the trick while heating your pizza on a pan – if you want the pizza crust to get nice and soft and chewy, then cover it up with a lid or a plate. So that all the moisture is going to stay right there and get absorbed by the pizza crust. 

Step 5: Once you’ve let it heat for five to ten minutes, take out the cover if you had it there and check if the pizza meets your satisfaction. Also check if your veggies and cheese are nice and heated to really enjoy the burst of those flavors in your mouth.

While using the pan you need to make sure that you are aware of using it safely and know when to remove it after reheating it. You need to make sure that you do not end up overheating it or leaving it on the stove as it may end up burning the pizza. 

You can make out the pizza is heated when you see the cheese getting softer and cheesier. 

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I hope you guys got to learn something from this informative article, so if you have any leftover Domino’s pizza sitting in your fridge then take it out and follow the above-discussed method to reheat it in the best way.

However, I highly suggest you make sure to wear gloves and other safety equipment before you follow any of the above methods.

Now you can easily enjoy your leftover Domino’s pizza right at home and on your couch without worrying about how you can reheat it to get the original taste. If you also have any other effective method to reheat domino’s pizza then do let us know in the comment section below.

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