7 Best Substitutes for Green Chartreuse

Have there been times when you may not have Green Chartreuse at home, and may be wondering if there’s anything else that you can use as a substitute? Well, yes you can! Let’s answer your question.

So, the best substitutes should be smooth, have herbal flavors, and be a bit strong like Green Chartreuse. Some good options to use as a substitute include Angostura Bitters, Jagermeister, Drambuie, Benedictine, Strega, and even White Sambuca. 

If you want to know more about the substitute for green chartreuse, then read on! 

Green Chartreuse – What Is It?

Substitutes for Green Chartreuse 

Those who don’t already know what exactly is Green Chartreuse then let me tell you it is a very old herbal liqueur that is made by monks in the French Alps.

And when I say very old, it means it is been around for centuries, and no one knows the exact recipe for it. It’s been said that is has a secret recipe of around 130 different herbs and plants.

There are mainly three types of Chartreuse: 

  • Green, 
  • Yellow, and 
  • V.E.P. 

The original Chartreuse is the Green Chartreuse and it is the most common one. You won’t believe but the alcohol strength of Green Chartreuse is very strong, it has an alcohol strength of 55%. You will even be able to get tastes of rosemary, thyme, clove, citrus, and cinnamon in this drink. 

Different people have different ways of enjoying Green Chartreuse, I personally drink it with whiskey only on some occasions. However, it is up to you how you would like to drink it, but whatever way you choose to drink, it will always take good.

What Are The Best Substitutes For Green Chartreuse?

Now if you really enjoy Green Chartreuse but you don’t have it available to you at the moment then don’t worry, there are some amazing substitutes for Green Chartreuse that I am sharing below with you all.

1. Angostura Bitters

Substitutes for Green Chartreuse 

The number 1 substitute for Green Chartreuse in our list is Angostura Bitters, it is quite a unique drink that has a mixture of cloves and cinnamon. And I am sure anyone who loves those species would definitely love this drink.

I really love the spicy flavor of this drink and that’s the reason I am recommending this drink. However, the alcohol content isn’t really high in this drink, it has only 45% alcohol content.

So, those who find Green Chartreuse very strong will definitely love Angostura Bitters because of its less alcohol content.

If you are looking for some amazing cocktails then adding this drink to your cocktails will definitely increase the flavor and punch.

As I already stated above I love to drink Green Chartreuse with whiskey, the same I will recommend with Angostura Bitters, take my advice and just try it, I am sure you gonna love it.

2. Dolin Génépy

Substitutes for Green Chartreuse 

The second substitute for Green Chartreuse in our list is Dolin Génépy. This drink also comes from France and is considered the perfect Green Chartreuse substitute.

This herbal liqueur has a complex flavor and botanical ingredients that will definitely become a treasure for your taste buds.

For all herbal liqueur lovers, Dolin Genepy is just like heaven, You can add it to your cocktail to increase the overall flavor or you can simply enjoy it neat or on the rocks, There are numerous ways of enjoying this drink and you can choose your desired way.

3. Jagermeister

Oh boy, my favorite Jagermesiter, originated from Germany, this is one of my favorite drinks and my go-to drinks for weekends. The reason why am I saying it is because I just simply love the taste of it and never gives me a hangover.

I can definitely assure you that this can be a great substitute for Green Chartreuse, Jagermesiter has very unique ingredient profile, it is said to have 56 different spices and herbs in it.

The dark red color of Jagermestier will give it somewhat of a wine vibe, but yet so far from wine. There are different ways of enjoying Jagermesiter, and the way I love it to drink Jagermesiter is with Redbull.

Redbull and Jagermesiter is a combination that goes very well with it, or even you can enjoy it neat, it tastes so good that even a non-alcoholic person who complains about alcohol taste can drink it with ease.

If I have to explain the taste of this drink, then it is sweet and spicy with a little bit of saffron in it.

4. Drambuie

Another substitute that you can use for Green Chartreuse is Drambuie. This drink is a popular liqueur that comes from scotch! With a sweet taste and its green color, this drink will definitely remind you of Green Chartreuse. This drink has around 40% of alcohol in it, making it really strong! 

When you drink this, you will get a musty (woody like the trees) as well as a sweet taste. Although this is very tasty, it does not have the same herbals as the Green Chartreuse. It’s really good for making cocktails and even for cooking some recipes.

5. Benedictine

So, the next drink on our list of best substitutes for Green Chartreuse is the Benedictine. Just like Chartreuse, Benedictine has also been made in France for several years now.

I have personally tasted this drink and I can surely say that this drink is quite different from other drinks that are available, and the reason is the ingredients, it is said to have special herbs and spices in it that are not in any other drinks.

When I first drank this drink, I noticed a citrus flavor, the kind of flavor that is in lemons or oranges.

However, the recipe and herbs of this Benedictine are a big secret, and no one really knows what exact herbs and spices are used in this drink, it is quite different from other liqueurs that is for sure.

The way I used to replace Benedictine with Green Chartreuse is by adding the same amount of drink in a recipe and I get a somewhat similar flavor.

6. Strega

We have talked enough about France’s herbal liqueur, right? now let’s talk about the Italian herbal Liqueur that is Strega.

Strega has the kind of flavor that you will like completely or not, there is no in-between. This drink has a strong essence and the name justifies it, Strega which is the translation of the word “Witch”, so now you understand what I am saying.

Just like Green Chartreuse, it’s a type of digestif and has a medicinal touch to it.

As I said the flavor of Strega is unique, It is mixed with mint, juniper, and even saffron and all these combined give it a unique flavor that I can not describe in a single word. You will get what I am saying as soon you take a sip of it.

However, when you taste this drink only you will understand why is it called the substitute for Green Chartreuse.

The alcohol content isn’t as strong as Green Chartreuse which makes it ideal for those who love to have a lighter drink. It is also a bit sweeter, unlike Chartreuse.

I personally mix this drink with cocktails and it just tastes overall good because of it’s sweetness and spicy flavor.

7. White Sambuca

Here comes another Italian liqueur in our list known and this is known by the name White Sambuca.

If you are looking for a sweet alternative to Green Chartreuse then this can be the perfect choice, and why am I saying it just like Green Chartreuse it goes so well with whiskey and cocktails.

However, it is not as strong as Green Chartreuse, I guess all the substitutes that I discussed in this article are quite light compared to the whopping 50% alcohol content of Green Chartreuse.

But for those who want to get a drink that is light and easy to drink yet gives the vibe of Green Chartreuse in terms of herbal taste and spicy kick then this Sambuca is the one to go with.

The anise flavor is the one that is noticed by everyone who drinks this drink, and because of this flavor, you will find that this drink has a sweet and spicy flavor.

Overall, I would say this drink is perfect for those who want to enjoy lighter drink with sweetness in it, however, people who prefer to enjoy strong drink can ignore this one.

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Final Thoughts

Green Chartreuse is a super special liqueur with a flavor that’s really hard to find in exact substitutes. But don’t worry, there are some great options that come pretty close and can be used when you can’t find Green Chartreuse.

Now, the substitute you pick depends on the recipe and what flavors you like. You can go for Dolin Genepy if you want that herbal taste, White Sambuca for a sweet kick, or Jägermeister for a more complex flavor.

We hope this article has given you better clarity understanding the substitutes you can use for Green Chartreuse.

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