Does Queso Fresco Melt: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

Many people have confusion about ‘Does Queso Fresco Melt’ and in fact I often get this question asked by you guys a lot of time, some people say you can melt Queso Fresco and some say you can not, so well I am today here to burst all myth related to Queso Fresco cheese.

It is easy for you to come across Queso Fresco in so many different Mexican dishes! It looks like sprinkles of snow all over the dish. But have you ever wondered if this type of cheese can be melted? 

Queso Fresco is a famous Mexican-styled cheese that you will definitely love! You can find this style of cheese used in various tasty dishes, including burritos, quesadillas, and chiles relleños. Since this cheese is mainly used as a filling in most dishes, melting Queso Fresco is not usually done. This is because melting Queso Fresco does not melt!

But what will you do if you want to melt Queso Fresco? And how do you melt it, and how can you store it? Well, read further through this article to gain better clarity!

What Is Queso Fresco Exactly? 

Does Queso Fresco Melt

It is normal for you to wonder what Queso Fresco exactly is. So let us now take a look and try to understand what Queso Fresco is and where it even comes from! 

You may be surprised to read this, but Queso Fresco comes from the Spanish word meaning fresh cheese. Did you know that Queso Fresco is a traditional type of cheese known all throughout Mexico? Yes, you read that right! This special and traditional cheese is made from raw cow milk. But guess what? You can also make this cheese at home if you mix goat milk along with cow milk.

You may not know this, but Queso Fresco is actually a mild form of cheese that you can eat! Because this type is so milky in nature, it just pairs perfectly well with any spicy food dish. 

This tasty cheese will make you want to use it in everything you eat – starting from salads to burritos! This is because you can taste some sort of tanginess that just makes everything taste even better!

Can I Melt Queso Fresco? 

Guess what? Because of how the cheese is made you cannot melt Queso Fresco! We know how surprising this may seem to you.  As you must have read above, this special cheese is made with milk and acid, so when you try to melt it, it just does not happen! Instead, you will notice it to start getting soft and clumpy. 

However, Queso Fresco cheese is a very good choice when it comes to making a cheese sauce or dip, so, if you want to enjoy a cheese dip that you can enjoy with your chicken nuggets, then Queso Fresco will do that job for you.

If you’re really craving that melty, gooey cheese experience, though, We’d recommend using a different type of cheese. There are plenty of other options out there that melt like a dream. So go ahead and experiment with those if you want to satisfy your melted cheese cravings. 

How can I melt Queso Fresco Cheese?

Does Queso Fresco Melt

Now there are some ways that you can follow to melt Queso Fresco but as I already told you above that this type of cheese doesn’t melt the same way as Mozzarella cheese or any other American cheese, but still if you want to do it then there are some best ways to melt this cheese to some extent but don’t expect the same texture when you melt American cheese.

Microwave method

Microwave is very common in every kitchen, and I will show you how to use the microwave to melt Queso fresco.

  1. Turn on your microwave.
  2. Take a microwave-friendly bowl and sprinkle your Queso Fresco cheese all over it.
  3. Set the timer for around 45 seconds to 1 minute.
  4. After 45 seconds, use a spoon to stir the cheese.
  5. Now again microwave it for 30 seconds and then again stir it.
  6. Now once you see that the cheese is fully melted, you can turn off the microwave.
  7. Now you can enjoy your melted Queso Fresco cheese.

Stove Method

Using a stove is another convenient method to melt Queso fresco cheese. Below are the steps that you need to follow while using the stove to melt the cheese.

  1. Take a clean pan and pour some milk on it. You don’t have to sprinkle the cheese directly to the pan.
  2. Let the milk heat for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  3. After that sprinkle your Queso Fresco cheese all over the pan.
  4. Keep stirring it for 1 minute. You will see the bubbles are forming.
  5. Now once you start noticing that the cheese is fully melted, you can turn off the stove.
  6. Done!

Can I Make My Own Queso Fresco?

Of course, you can! Making your own Queso Fresco is one of the easiest things out there. You may come across different types of recipes and methods to make your own Queso Fresco. 

Depending on the availability and your convenience, you can use just three ingredients to make your Queso Fresco: Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt. That’s right! You can literally make your own Queso Fresco by just using these three ingredients. As we said before, it is that easy! 

So to begin making your Queso Fresco light up your pan and add your milk and lemon juice. You need to keep stirring these two ingredients till your milk begins to curdle. 

Make sure that you do not boil the ingredient, it needs to be on simmer at all times! As you may know, milk and lemon are known to react to each other. So, you may notice certain clumps getting generated during this process. Unlike other recipes, you need to have clumps to make your own Queso Fresco. 

Once your cheese is clumped well, strain the remaining liquid and add it to a cheesecloth. Tighten the cheesecloth as much as you can and make sure that it is compact. You can also add something heavy on top of it, making it flat enough for you to store it.

Can I Store and Use Queso Fresco?

Another big question that I often see people ask is ‘Can I store and use Queso Fresco?’

The answer to this question is Yes, you can store it in your fridge just like you store any other cheese, but what I have noticed is Queso Fresco tastes and suits best when it’s fresh. Though there is no bad thing about storing it in the fridge for a week or so I suggest you eat it while it’s fresh.

It usually stays good for around two weeks. If you keep it for too long without eating it, you might notice molds or a change in taste. 

Before it spoils, there are many ways you can use Queso Fresco, such as:

Different ways to use Queso Fresco


You can use Queso Fresco as a topping for many of your dishes, such as:

  • Salads: You can make your own Queso Fresco salad using basic ingredients found at home.
  • Soup: Since Queso Fresco doesn’t melt well, you can add it to soup dishes like black bean soup and tortilla soup!
  • Mexican dishes: Queso Fresco is a delicious topping for all kinds of Mexican dishes. Its taste explodes in your mouth, leaving you craving more!


Since Queso Fresco doesn’t melt smoothly, you can get creative and use it as a filling for different dishes, both Mexican and non-Mexican. The chunkiness and softness in this cheese are what will make everything even tastier for you! 

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Final Thoughts

So, I hope I made all your doubts regarding ‘Does Queso Fresco Melt’ fully clear. Now you guys know that is not really possible to melt Queso fresco cheese like other American cheese but still, there is a lot you can do with this cheese.

Also, Queso Fresco is an amazing cheese to enhance the taste of your dish, I myself use this cheese a lot, and sometimes I melt it and then use it as a dipping sauce with my grilled chicken and it makes the overall eating experience even better.

I tried my best to solve all your doubts regarding Queso Fresco in this article, and if you have any more questions then you have comment section for it, simply drop your question and I will try to answer you all questions.

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