What Type Of Sour Cream Does Chipotle Use? 2023

So you are wondering what type of sour cream does Chipotle use? Well, stay tuned to this article to know about it.

If you’re a burrito lover or a taco fan, sour cream is a must for any type of Chipotle meal you eat. But if you try to make this sour cream at home or even buy it from a store, it’s going to be so different from the one that you get at Chipotle. This will only make you wonder what sour cream does chipotle really use? Well, let’s answer your question. 

Chipotle uses a specific brand called Daisy Brand for its sour cream. Now, when some customers ask for sour cream, they want it to be spread easily on their burritos or bowls. To make it easier to spread, the workers at Chipotle knead the bag of sour cream to make it a bit thinner. This way, it looks smoother on top of the food and goes on really nicely when you take a bite. 

To know more about what type of sour cream Chipotle uses, read on!

Daisy Brand Sour Cream – Everything You Need To Know About It 

What Type Of Sour Cream Does Chipotle Use

When it comes to the sour cream bands then I guess Daisy Brand sour cream is the one that is quite famous in the United States.

In fact, Daisy Brand sour cream is easily available in all almost all grocery stores across the country. It comes in different sizes, like 8 ounces, 14 ounces, 16 ounces, 24 ounces, or even in a big 3-pound container!

One thing about Daisy Brand is that they don’t put any extra stuff in their sour cream. It’s free from additives and preservatives, which means it’s more natural and pure.

The main ingredients in Daisy Brand sour cream are Vit A palmitate, cultured cream, and skim milk. They use less fat milk (skim milk) to make the sour cream a bit lighter, and cultured cream is another main ingredient that is mainly used for the sour cream with a tangy taste.

How Is The Sour Cream In Chipotle So Smooth?

The reason why the sour cream in Chipotle is so smooth is because of how their employees handle it before putting it in the containers.

When they get a new bag of sour cream from Daisy Brand, the employees beat and knead it gently to make it thinner. You know how sour cream is naturally thick, right? So, by doing this extra step, they make it smoother and easier to spread evenly on top of their dishes. 

This extra step only enhances the sour cream in Chipotle making it delicious to eat, and it gives us a similar taste to the Mexican crema.

What Are The Ingredients Used To Make The Chipotle Sour Cream?

What Type Of Sour Cream Does Chipotle Use

Since Chipotle uses the sour cream from Daisy Brand, we can look at the ingredients on the nutrition facts label of the regular Daisy Brand itself. The only ingredient listed there is “cultured cream.” 

Cultured cream is kind of like fermented milk. During fermentation, the sugars in the milk change into something called lactic acid. This is what gives sour cream that special tangy taste that goes so well with Mexican dishes.

To make the Chipotle sour cream, they take the regular sour cream and mix it with some lime juice, chopped chipotle pepper, and a bit of salt and pepper. They mix it all together until everything is nicely combined. And that’s how they get that delicious and unique sour cream you enjoy at Chipotle!

Is The Chipotle Sour Cream Healthy To Eat?

Now the question that arises in everyone’s mind is whether or not Chipotle sour cream is healthy, right? well, the answer is it indeed has some health benefits but it is not really super healthy.

And why am I saying it? because it contains quite a bit of fat and calories. If you are on a journey of fat loss and very strict towards your diet then I don’t think Chipotle sour cream should be in your everyday diet but sometimes you can consume it.

However, there are some benefits attached to Chipotle’s sour cream, it is very rich in calcium and phosphorus, and Vitamin A. All these nutrients are very good for your body.

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So, Chipotle sour cream is somewhat mixed of both healthy and nonhealthy, but you don’t need to worry if you are already having a balanced diet then this cream won’t make much of a difference in your overall health and lifestyle.

Can I Make My Own Chipotle Sour Cream?

If you want to make sour cream just like the creamy one at Chipotle, you can follow these steps:

  1. Get your sour cream from Daisy brand.
  2. Take the amount of sour cream you need and put it in a bowl.
  3. Now, keep stirring it with a spoon until it becomes really smooth and creamy.

Alternatively, you can try using Daisy Brand’s pourable sour cream. Just knead the bag for a few minutes, and it will have a texture similar to Chipotle’s sour cream.

If you find the sour cream too thick, you can make it smoother without changing the taste by adding a bit of water. But if you want it even richer and creamier, you can use regular milk, buttermilk, or melted butter instead of water.

And for those of you who are lactose intolerant, you can try vegan sour cream with your favorite Mexican dishes. Just use the same method of adding water to get that creamy texture like Chipotle’s sour cream!

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Final Thoughts

So, now that you know the specific sour cream brand that Chipotle uses, you can make a version of it at home that’s pretty close to what they serve in the restaurant. All you have to do is go to your nearby grocery store and pick up the sour cream from Daisy brand.  

Just keep in mind that if you want the same texture of sour cream as Chipotle’s, all you need to do is knead and beat it till you get your consistency. You can also add water or milk based on how thick you want your sour cream to be. It’s just that simple! 

We hope this article has given you better clarity on what kind of sour cream Chipotle uses! 

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